Features Overview

Ethereum Compatible

Create and deploy Decentralized Applications, Smart Contracts and NFTs on Liquidchain.

On-chain Yield

Earn XLC by providing on-chain liquidity and variously staking on Liquidchain.


Near-instant tx with avg. cost per tx $0.000001, suitable for making mass and micropayments.

Multi-chain Bridge

Transfer your assets between Liquidchain and other blockchains simultaneously.


Trade your favorite assets on LiquidSwap DEX built on top of Liquidchain.

Developer Grants

Turn your great ideas into reality on Liquidchain and get rewarded from our grant programs.

Designed for Mass Adoption

Liquidchain utilizes Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm to ensure better power efficiency, scalability and security than Proof of Work (PoW).

Discover what Liquidchain Offers

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Low cost
  • 2000 TPS
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Smart Economy

Liquidchain team is focused on creating a self-sufficient smart economy.

  • Liquidity

    Purpose of Liquidchain is to make the most liquid ecosystem in the blockchain industry.

  • Decentralized Marketplaces

    Trade your favorite assets and NFTs on the marketplaces built on Liquidchain Network.

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The Power and Utility of XLC

XLC is the native asset of the Liquidchain Network

  • Utility as a Commodity

    XLC is used in order to process any transaction or state change on the blockchain. Users use XLC as gas or fuel in to run applications built on Liquidchain.

  • Utility as a Store of Value

    Like Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies, XLC can be seen as way to store value and hedge against fiat inflation. XLC can be used as investment in order to capitalize on the potential growth of the the platform.

  • Utility as a Governance Token

    XLC is the core governance token of Liquidchain Network and all other protocols built on Liquidchain by the team that includes LiquidSwap, Bridge, Liquidity Mining.

  • Utility as a Base Pair

    The main trading and liquidity pair of ERC20 and other tokens on Liquidchain Network is with XLC. It's the most traded quote token on LiquidSwap and other DEXs built on Liquidchain Network.

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We like to keep the roadmap clean and prefer not to make any fake promises. The roadmap might be modified / updated to cop with needs.

Phase 1 / 2021

  • Initial Launch
  • Presale Rounds
  • Mainnet Launch
  • XlcScan Live
  • Token Locker Live
  • Exchange Listing

Phase 2 / 2021

  • LiquidSwap Live
  • Liquidity Mining Live
  • Multi-chain Bridge
  • XLC Staking Live
  • Subgraph & Analytics
  • Marketing & Listing

Phase 3 / 2022

  • Hydra Testnet Live
  • Developer Tools
  • Network Improvement
  • Validator Program
  • Cross-chain LP
  • Partnerships

Phase 4 / 2022

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Network Expansion
  • Bridge Expansion
  • CEX Listing
  • Official Launchpad
  • Developer Grants